Consumer Debt

SCCLS hosts educational clinics at which clients struggling with consumer debt can obtain the information and advice they need to avoid harassment from creditors, understand protections afforded by bankruptcy and present defenses in debt collection cases. In limited situations, SCCLS also can help eligible clients discharge debt through bankruptcy proceedings.

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Mr. Jones’s Story

Mr. Jones had experienced significant health issues and associated financial problems when he contacted SCCLS with questions about the foreclosure of his home. While it was too late to save his home, an SCCLS attorney was able to help Mr. Jones assess his financial situation and file for bankruptcy. Not only did the bankruptcy ultimately free him from a “mountain” of debt he had accumulated while he was ill and unable to work, but it also prevented further garnishment of the income he desperately needed to support himself. SCCLS gave Mr. Jones the fresh start he needed to regain some measure of financial stability.

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