South Coastal Counties Legal Services works to ensure that low-income students are afforded the quality education to which they are entitled. This can mean advocating for entitlements to special education services and supports, representing students who are facing exclusion from their education, and addressing the underlying policies and practices that interfere with students remaining in school and having the opportunity to learn. 

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Mike’s Story

Mike, a freshman in high school, is a very typical  client of SCCLS’ education unit. He has struggled academically and has reached high school despite having failed many classes. Mike has been identified as a special education student since elementary school, but he has a long history of punishment and exclusion for behaviors associated with his disability. Instead of considering changes to services and supports in his educational plan, the school repeatedly excluded Mike. This cycle of exclusion from school significantly affected his ability to make academic progress.

With the help of an education attorney, Mike’s learning needs became the focus. He is now receiving the appropriate specialized instruction and supports in a placement that can effectively address his disability-related education issues.

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