Family Law

South Coastal Counties Legal Services believes low-income families are entitled to live in a safe environment, free of violence and the destabilizing effects of violence on their families. SCCLS helps low-income families achieve family and economic stability by offering legal advice and/or representation in divorce, child custody and support, and abuse prevention cases, primarily to those experiencing domestic or sexual violence.

mother with her young son

Jane’s Story

Jane was dealing with challenges that felt insurmountable when she was referred to SCCLS by a domestic violence advocate who worked closely with our organization. Behind a veneer of professional success and the joy she felt after the recent birth of her child, Jane faced significant emotional and physical abuse from her husband, who hit her, stalked her and made her fear for her life. When her newborn was diagnosed with serious medical issues, she knew she needed to make changes in her life.

Jane went to court, obtained a protective order and then sought legal assistance from SCCLS. With the help of her SCCLS attorney, Jane began to obtain the things she needed to secure her financial security, as well as her physical safety. She filed for divorce, custody and child support. She pursued and obtained TAFDC, SNAP, and MassHealth benefits when she was forced to leave her job to protect herself and her children. She also obtained a protective shelter placement. By the time the divorce was final she had obtained more permanent subsidized housing. SCCLS’ assistance was key to Jane’s success at rebuilding her life.

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