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Call: 800-244-9023
Intake Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

SCCLS paralegals work hard to respond quickly to calls received on the Intake line. The average wait time for a call to be answered is less than 3 minutes. Sometimes you may have to wait longer due to a particularly high volume of calls. You can either wait and we will answer your call, or you may call back at a different time. If you are not facing an emergency, you may also submit an online inquiry.

SCCLS will keep confidential information you share by phone with SCCLS Intake staff, whether or not you complete an intake. However, calling the Intake line or communicating by phone with SCCLS Intake staff does not create an attorney-client relationship between SCCLS and you.

Request Help Online

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Who We Help

Our services are provided to the following persons who live in or have a legal problem that arises in Southeast Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands:

  • Low-income individuals and families.
  • Older residents (age 60 and over). 
  • Victims of domestic violence or other crimes.

Please call us (don’t apply online) if:

  • You think that SCCLS may already be representing the other side in your case.
  • You have already applied for help for the same problem.
  • You are concerned that the computer or mobile device you are using may not be secure or sufficiently protect the privacy of your information.
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