South Coastal Counties Legal Services helps tenants facing eviction, termination of a rent subsidy, or bad housing conditions, people experiencing denials of admission to public or subsidized housing, homeowners threatened with foreclosure, and others seeking help to overcome barriers to safe, affordable housing.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole and her daughter, Amanda, needed changes made to their subsidized apartment, to accommodate Amanda’s severe disabilities. From a young age, Amanda was dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. The carpet in the family’s apartment and narrow doorways made it difficult for Amanda to move around the apartment and to use the bathroom. Their landlord had not been receptive to Nicole’s many requests to make changes to their home. Once our attorney became involved, the landlord was persuaded to adapt the apartment to better serve Amanda’s needs. Carpeting was removed; the doorway to the bathroom widened; automatic doors to the main entrance were installed; and improved enforcement of handicapped parking was instituted. These small changes had an enormous impact on the day to day lives of Nicole and her daughter.

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