Our subsidiary, Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts, offers legal representation to individuals in need of immigration assistance on a wide range of cases. The immigration team provides assistance throughout our service area and has a particular focus on helping survivors of domestic or sexual violence, victims of crime and human trafficking, and those eligible for asylum, temporary protected status, or special immigrant juvenile status achieve the humanitarian-based relief to which they are entitled. In addition, we represent individuals in family-based immigration cases,  removal proceedings, and other types of immigration petitions. The immigration team regularly provides trainings, community outreach and education, and community clinics, and engages in systemic  advocacy on behalf of our client communities.

brother and sister immigrants

Sibling Story

Manuel and his sister, both teenagers, came to the United States after being neglected, abused and harassed in their home country. After a lengthy journey, they were detained at the Southern border of the United States and then released to the custody of a relative in Bristol County. Facing removal proceedings, they contacted our office for help. Attorneys from our affiliate, the Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts helped Manuel and his sister establish a legal guardian and file for and obtain Special Immigrant Juvenile status. Ultimately more than four years after their arrival in the U.S., the siblings, with the help of their attorney, were able to prove they were entitled to lawful permanent residency. They are now living safely here in Massachusetts, gainfully employed and contributing to their community.

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